Internet Access


Get connected, anywhere

Fast and reliable Internet access is not just for inner cities anymore. There are now options to connect even the most rural locations to superfast broadband. 

We have the skills and expertise to select the best connectivity for your home or business, install the system and adapt it to meet your needs. 

Traditional Telecom

Almost every property is able to get some form of ADSL broadband with speeds from as little as 1Mbit up to around 80Mbit. Many properties can now get a fibre service that can reach gigabit speeds. 

We will check as part of a free survey which standard services are available.

Mobile and Wireless

Mobile data networks are now capable of providing fast fixed broadband for reasonable prices. We can install antennas and purpose-designed modems to ensure you get the very best most reliable speeds from all the major mobile networks. 

We even carry test SIMs for the main networks so we can tell you what real coverage choices you have. 


Traditionally satellite access has been a last resort, with very high lag/slow response times and expensive for small amounts of data. 

This has changed, and we are now able to connect you to the Starlink Low Earth Orbit network which can provide you of speeds over 200Mbit, and latency as low as 20ms.

Starlink is available almost anywhere with a clear view of the sky, and the dish can be mounted the same way as a TV antenna or sky dish. 

Rural Community Networks

More and more frequently we are finding locations where BT has rolled out fibre to the premises to small parts of a rural community and left the rest of it off their fibre program. This can be hugely frustrating for people living here as they can see neighbours with superfast internet and still cannot get service themselves! 

CubeNETIX have a bespoke solution for this. Using the latest in carrier-grade radio technologies, we can set up small community networks to share superfast service between multiple properties. One location with gigabit fibre then provides service at up to 500Mbit to one or more properties without access to fibre. We manage the access network and design the service for low latency, secure access for multiple customers. You then enjoy fast, reliable internet access.